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All About Peppers

This list is arranged in order of increasing heat, with the Scoville heat units shown at the end of each paragraph.
Anaheim or New Mexico:
Available in both green and red forms and used fresh, roasted, or dried, this chile has a rather mild, peppery flavor. The most common chile grown in the U.S., it is frequently stuffed for chiles relleños and can easily be added to any vegetable, meat, or egg dish. Dried maroon Anaheims are the chiles most often woven into the hanging decorations known as ristras. 500-1000

This glossy, richly green pepper looks like a slightly flattened green bell pepper with a pointed tip. It has a full, earthy flavor and aroma, with thick flesh perfect for stuffing. Generally mild, poblanos are good in corn dishes, soups, sauces, and salads. 1000-1500

This dried poblano is the most popular dried chile in Mexico. Usually very mild, it is flat, wrinkled, and heart shaped and can be almost black. When rehydrated, the ancho becomes crimson. 1000-15000

Pasilla ( Pah-see-yah ):
Sometimes confused with the ancho, this dried chile is long and skinny where anchos are wide, and is the pepper used in Mexicos chocolate molé sauce. 1000-1500

Guajillo ( Gwa-hee-yo ):
This hot, dried pepper has a smoky, peppery taste and fruity aroma, and is known as mirasol when fresh. It is very popular in Burma and India as well as Mexico. 2500-5000

This is the most widely known and eaten fresh chile in the U.S. Red or green, jalapeños are hot and richly flavored, with thicker flesh than most small peppers. They go well with cheese and in spoonbreads, cornbreads, sauces, and pastas. Jalapeños are also pickled or used to make hot pepper jelly. 2000-5000

Chipotle ( Chee-pote-lay ):
The chipotle is a dried, smoked jalapeño, very hot and with a distinctly rich, smoky flavor. It is often found canned in adobo sauce, a mixture of onions, tomatoes, vinegar, and spices, but can also be purchased in the dried form. 2500-5000

This tiny pepper is used extensively in Thai cooking as well as in Mexican salsas. It has an intense, searing heat that lasts and is used raw or roasted. 10,000-23,000

The favorite of Creole and Cajun cooks, this long red pepper is sweet and exceedingly hot. It is grown mainly in India and Asia, and is the most widely used chile in the world. The cayenne has a flavor similar to the tabasco pepper and is usually used in its dried form. Chile de Arbol is a form of cayenne grown in Mexico. 30,000-50,000

Habanero ( Scotch bonnet ):
This small lantern-shaped pepper comes in a range of colors and has the distinction of being the most fiery of all domesticated chiles. It is known for its floral flavor as well as its heat, which affects the nasal passages, and is a favorite in hot sauces, Jamaican jerk seasoning, and salsas. 100,000-300,000

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