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Rubs For Indoors or Outdoors 1 - 12
12 great Rubs and Recipes for your cooking experience. Indoors or Outdoors!
( 1 ) All South Barbecue Rub: ( 2 ) Bbq Ribs Dry Rub: ( 3 ) Bbq Rub For Pork Chops:
( 4 ) Cajun seasoning mix ( Rubs ): ( 5 ) Mama's Rustic Rub: ( 6 ) Mama's Real Rub:
( 7 ) Gourmet Poultry Seasoning Rub: ( 8 ) Jamaican Jerk Rub: ( 9 ) Lemon-Rosemary (Rub):
( 10 ) Mexican Rubs: ( 11 ) Tandoori Rub: ( 12 ) Thai Roasting Rub:
( 1 ) All-South Barbecue Rub:

  2         tablespoons  salt
  2         tablespoons  sugar
  2         tablespoons  brown sugar
  2         tablespoons  ground cumin
  2         tablespoons  chili powder
  2         tablespoons  black pepper freshly cracked
  1         tablespoon   cayenne pepper
  4         tablespoons  paprika

All you do is throw them together and mix them well.

( 2 ) Bbq Ribs Dry Rub:
             dry rub
  4         teaspoons paprika
  2         teaspoons salt
  2         teaspoons onion powder
  2         teaspoons ground black pepper
  1         teaspoon cayenne
                    ( sauce )
  6         tablespoons salt
  6         tablespoons black pepper
  6         teaspoons chili powder
  4         cups ketchup
  4         cups white vinegar
  4         cups water
  1         large yellow onion  diced
     1/2   cup sorghum molasses

DRY RUB DIRECTIONS: Mix in jar, cover and shake well to mix. Sprinkle rub liberally on ribs. Allow to stand 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature until rub appears wet. RIB SMOKING DIRECTIONS: Prepare smoker for long, slow cooking using hickory chips for flavor. Cook ribs, bone side down at 230 degrees for 2 hours using indirect heat. Turn and cook 1 more hour. During last 15 minutes, baste with BBQ sauce diluted by 1/2 with water. Serve ribs with warm undiluted sauce on the side. BBQ SAUCE DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan. Bring to a rolling boil, reduce heat and simmer for 1 1/2 hours, stirring every 10 minutes or so. Pour into sterilized jars, seal and let stand for 2 to 6 weeks before using.

( 3 ) Bbq Rub For Pork Chops:

  3         tablespoons lemon pepper
  1         tablespoon ground thyme
  1         tablespoon paprika
  1         teaspoon garlic powder
     1/2   teaspoon salt
     1/2   teaspoon sage
     1/8   teaspoon cayenne pepper
     1/2   teaspoon sugar

In a bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. This recipe should only be used as a guide. For example, if you prefer more "heat" increase the cayenne pepper slightly. Likewise, for more sweetness, increase the amount of sugar. Add any other herbs you like and enjoy own rubs.
#Always brush your meats with oil before seasoning and grilling.
#Sprinkle the seasoning rub over the meat and then rub it into the meat gently before cooking.
#For smoked flavor, buy wood smoking chips wherever you buy charcoal. When your grill is hot, just before you place the meat on it, sprinkle several wood chips over the hot coals or hot plate. In a few minutes, the chips will begin to smoke and add wood flavor to your foods. For foods that take longer to cook than 15 to 20 minutes, try soaking the chips in water for 30 minutes before putting them in your grill. The water slows down the burning process of the wood and will make the chips smoke longer.

( 4 ) Cajun seasoning mix ( Rubs ):

  1        Tablespoon dried basil leaves
  1        Tablespoon dried oregano
  1        Tablespoon paprika
  2         teaspoons salt
  2         teaspoons dried thyme
  1         teaspoon ground allspice

Blend all ingredients together. Use to season tender cuts of meat before grilling. Makes enough to season 2 to 4 pounds of meat (depending on personal taste).

( 5 ) Mama's Rustic Rub:

  8          tablespoons paprika
  3          tablespoons cayenne
  5          tablespoons freshly ground black pepper
  6          tablespoons garlic powder
  3          tablespoons onion powder
  6          tablespoons salt
  2  1/2   tablespoons dried oregano
  2  1/2   tablespoons dried thyme

Combine all ingredients and store in an air-tight container.

( 6 ) Mama's Real Rub:

  1          teaspoon Black cumin
  1          teaspoon Black peppercorns
  1          teaspoon Whole cloves
     1/4   Average sized nutmeg

Place all ingredients in a clean electric coffee grinder. Grind until fine. Store in a small jar with a tight-fitting lid. Keep away from heat and sunlight. This is a spice combo used in many Indian recipes.

( 7 ) Gourmet Poultry Seasoning Rub:

  1         tablespoon salt
  1         tablespoon fresh ground black pepper
  1         teaspoon msg
  1         teaspoon paprika
  1         teaspoon dry mustard
  3         bay leafs
  1         tablespoon garlic

Combine ingredients-mix well rub into poultry before grilling.

( 8 ) Jamaican Jerk Rub:

  4        Tablespoons ground allspice
  1        Tablespoon  dried thyme
  1        Tablespoon paprika
  1         teaspoon ground red pepper
  1         teaspoon garlic powder
  1         teaspoon onion powder
  1         teaspoon salt
     1/4   teaspoon black pepper

Mix all ingred.
Rub on chicken, beef or pork. Bake or BBQ.

( 9 ) Lemon-Rosemary (Rub):

  1         teaspoon lemon peel grated
  1         teaspoon dried rosemary leaves
     1/4   teaspoon salt 
     1/4   teaspoon thyme leaves
     1/4   teaspoon pepper  coarse ground
  2         cloves garlic minced

Blend all ingredients together. Use to season tender cuts of meat before grilling. Makes enough to season 2 to 4 pounds of meat (depending on personal taste).

( 10 ) Mexican Rubs:

   2       Tablespoons chili powder, hot
   1        teaspoon ground cumin
   1        teaspoon dried oregano
   1        teaspoon garlic powder
   1        teaspoon salt
      1/4  teaspoon ground cloves

Mix all ingred.
Rub the seasonings on chicken, beef, pork and fish.
Bake or BBQ.

( 11 ) Tandoori Rub:

   1 1/2  teaspoons  garlic powder
   1 1/2  teaspoons  paprika
   1         teaspoon    cayenne pepper
   1         teaspoon    ground corrander
   1         teaspoon    ground cumin
   1         teaspoon    ground ginger
   1         teaspoon    salt
      1/4   teaspoon    ground cardamom
      1/4   teaspoon    ground cinnamon

Mix all ingred. Rub lamb, beef, pork and chicken.
Bake or BBQ.

( 12 ) Thai Roasting Rub:

  1        teaspoon ground coriander
  1        teaspoon mustard seed
  1        teaspoon sweet paprika
  2        cloves
  2        teaspoons fresh ginger
  4        garlic's
  1        teaspoon lemon zest
  2        teaspoons dark brown sugar
  1        teaspoon green peppercorn
  2        teaspoons toasted sesame seeds
Place ground coriander, mustard seed, sweet paprika, cloves, fresh ginger, garlic, lemon zest, dark brown sugar, green peppercorns and sesame seeds in a mortar and pestle. Pound into a paste. Press thai roasting rub on meats prior to cooking for great flavor.
( Note ): you may also use food processor to make paste.