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Spice Chart
Spice Chart

Spices consist of the seeds, buds, fruit or flower parts, bark or roots of aromatic plants from tropical regions. A mortar and pestle, spice grinder or small electric coffee grinder works well for crushing and blending spices as well as herbs. Ground spices can be stored 1 to 2 years in airtight containers away from heat and light (especially if packed in clear jars).

Spice and Form Flavor Use
(whole, ground; a spice, not a blend)
Pungent, sweet Cakes, cookies, fruits, jerk seasoning, pickling, pies, poaching fish, spinach, stews
(stick, ground)
Aromatic, pungent, sweet Cakes, cappuccino, cookies, fruit desserts, hot chocolate, maple syrup, pies, pickling, puddings, winter hot drinks
(whole, ground)
Aromatic, strong, pungent, sweet Baked beans, desserts, fruits, gravies, ham, meats, pickling, pork, sausages, stews, syrups, tea, vegetables
(minced, powdered, dehydrated, flaked, fresh, paste, juice)
Pungent aroma and taste Fish, meats, salads, sauces, sausages, soups, vegetables
(whole, cracked bits, ground, crystallized, fresh)
Pungent, spicy Baked goods, fish, fruits, meats, sauces, sausages, soups, tea, vegetables
(whole, ground; mace is the covering of the nutmeg seed and can be used the same way)
Fragrant, sweet with spicy undertone Apple or pear desserts, beverages, cakes, cookies, parsnips, puddings, sauces, sweet potatoes, winter squash
(ground; made from dried sweet red peppers)
Slightly bitter, ranges from sweet to hot Casseroles, eggs, fish, garnish, meats, salads, soups, vegetables
Pepper, black and white:
(whole, ground, cracked; green sold packed in brine or dried)

Pungent and peppery Meats, savory foods
Pepper, red [cayenne]:
Very hot, peppery Barbecue sauce and other sauces, chili, corn bread, eggs, fish, guacamole, gravies, meats, vegetables
(strands, powdered)
Softly bitter, distinctive flavor Poultry, rice, rolls, sauces, seafood, Spanish dishes
Aromatic, slightly bitter Curry powder, eggs, food color, pickling, poultry, rice, seafood